Raiders release former Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson

Remember how Jordy Nelson told WTMJ sister station ESPN Milwaukee he plans on being an Oakland Raider again this year?

You can probably forget that.

The Raiders have released Jordy¬†Nelson after one year in Oakland, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Click here for Jordy Nelson’s full career resume.

For those who are, of course, thinking the Packers could bring Nelson back, it’s not out of the question – but it may need to be at a discounted cost compared to his previous Green Bay contract when he made $8.25 million in 2017.

The Packers didn’t exactly give him anywhere near the same offer for the 2018 season, leading to his departure to Oakland.

With the Raiders in 2018, Nelson played a featured wide receiver position that perhaps he might not had with Green Bay after having approximately half the receptions and touchdowns he had in 2017 compared to 2016.

However, seven of those 2017 games did not include Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. 

“In a perfect world, I would have played a couple more years in Green Bay,” Nelson told ESPN Milwaukee.

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