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The Philadelphia 76ers have been going in the right direction as a franchise for awhile now and fans along with FanSided’s Fandom 250 recognize it.

Recently, FanSided has come out with “The ultimate ranking of fandoms…” called Fandom 250. These ranking are based on the fan support for a wide variety of things (including entertainment, celebrities and sports related items). While the biggest headline from the Fandom 250 was the fact that the NFL’s Cleveland Browns had the number one fandom, the Philadelphia 76ers made plenty of noise in the rankings.

The best take away from these rankings is that the Sixers fandom was ranked 10th in total fandoms and first among pro basketball teams. That’s up from 51 spots from last year. This is especially impressive considering everything that the Sixers have gone through this year. The Bryan Colangelo twitter scandal should have surely hurt the support of the 76ers fanbase, but apparently not.

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This isn’t to mention the confusing injury issues that both Zhaire Smith and Markelle Fultz have dealt with this season. It took a over a year to figure out what exactly is wrong with Fultz. Then there was a lot of mystery surrounding Smith before The Ringer shed some light on it. Good news is that the Sixers have plans for rehabbing both Smith and Fultz, but getting to that point wasn’t an easy one.

Despite all the issues the Sixers have had, they still prove to have a top 10 fanbase. The rise the Sixers made in the past two season from being continually tanking team to contender has helped the team build a strong base of loyal fans that know how to tough out the rough times as well as the good.

One of the other main reasons why Philly did so well in these rankings can be attributed to the rising star of Joel Embiid. The 76ers center was 149th in total fandoms and 15th among sports figures. It was certainly disappointing that Embiid’s co-star Ben Simmons wasn’t included in the rankings, but overall the fan support can be clearly seen.

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It’s clear that the Philadelphia 76ers and their star player mirror the spirit of the city they play for. The fan support for the team is evident and it’s good that FanSided’s Fandom 250 did an overall good job ranking how strong of a fanbase the Sixers have.

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