The BroadCast | Jimmy Butler, a Philadelphia 76er

Jimmy Butler is now a Philadelphia 76er!

To begin our mini-series covering the blockbuster deal, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols joins The BroadCast, to discuss the significance of the move, and the type of player and person the Sixers are getting in the four-time All-Star.

Catch Rachel on ESPN’s The Jump weekdays, at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT.

To check out the pod, click below. Be sure to read some excerpts from it as well.

What type of player are the Sixers getting?

RN: “He certainly as we know has one of the highest motors in the NBA. He’s going to give you all the cliches – 120% all the time when he’s out on the court! [laughing] Not just offensively, but defensively. I think that’s really exciting. It’s a great position to be in. You’re going to see who you’re getting in this deal for months throughout the whole season to see how it clicks with your young core.”

Jimmy seems like he’s all about winning.

RN: “Karl-Anthony Towns, on Jimmy’s way out, this last weekend, apparently according to Joel called Joel Embiid and said, ‘You’re going to win with that guy,’ and said publicly to the media, ‘Jimmy helped us win, Jimmy really did so much for us on the court.’ So, if that’s the guy who’s saying [Jimmy] is a winner, that tells you something.”

How did Jimmy turn himself into this caliber of a player?

RN: “I think it’s a little bit of everything, but there’s no doubt that his work ethic and mindset are immeasurable. He really turned himself into someone who could have been a journeyman NBA player into an elite top 10 player and perennial All-Star. That’s just not easy to do. You can’t teach heart, right? We hear that all the time, and that’s certainly one of those things Jimmy has. He’s got it. He’s got that ‘want to’ we don’t see in every single NBA player, or every single athlete.”


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