Steve Kerr heaps high praise on Zion Williamson

We all knew Zion Williamson was the next big deal, but even Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr was awed by his collegiate debut.

Steve Kerr was so blown away by Zion Williamson that he stopped himself from continuing to hype him up in fear of a fine for tampering. However, there’s virtually zero chance Zion has any say on where he’s draft, and it certainly won’t be by the Golden State Warriors.

To be fair, by the time Zion’s a free agent, Kerr with his back issues might not even still be coaching, assuming that’s over five years from now.

Here’s Kerr’s description of Zion and how he compares to a young LeBron.

“I probably can’t say anything more,” Kerr said. He never actually said Zion but implied it by saying “the 285” one. Zion, who stands 6-foot-7 and weight 285, has a body many NBA players dream of.

The 18-year-old put on a show two nights ago as the Duke Blue Devils set a Champions Classic record with 118 points.

Zion, who had one nasty crossover slam in the second half, looked explosive, ending the game with 28 points, only a few less than the game-high 33 from teammate and fellow freshman RJ Barrett. Overall, he looked unstoppable and clearly showcased how collegiate players can be NBA ready out of high school.

Here’s a highlight reel of Zion and RJ. They pulled off some rather filthy moves en route to a 34-point victory. Oddly enough, both teams scored exactly 59 points (Duke) and 42 points (Kentucky) in each half.

The Duke Blue Devils still have a long way to go in order to be one of the greatest collegiate teams of all time. Well, this is one heck of a way to kick off their season, a season which should boast some incredible highlights and few losses.

The Blue Devils, much like the Golden State Warriors, have one goal in mind: ultimate domination. That domination will climax with what the Blue Devils hope will be a raised banner in Cameron Indoor. For Golden State, it’ll be a third straight Finals victory.

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It’ll be just a matter of time before we see these accomplishments hopefully fulfilled.

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